These are just a few words that describe Majxsty’s music and message. “My ministry is about trying to get people to learn and understand the Scriptures for themselves, and not take the word of anybody else, including mine as the gospel.” Her second album Come Closer does just that.

Come Closer, which was released in 2008, unleashes Majxsty’s passion for God. Songs like Free, Difference, and I Never Knew challenge listeners to evaluate their lives and simply live for God. Her album has been described as “Inspiring” and “Explosive” by fans.

The Come Closer album title came to her through prayer. Majxsty was praying about her struggles when she felt the Lord say, ” Come closer.” Although it took her several years to heed His call, she did, and He was faithful to give her the lyrics for
her album.

Majxsty’s first album, Wicked, was released in 2005. Writing the album was therapeutic for Majxsty, as she was dealing with
past hurts and offenses, where she oftentimes felt helpless. She described that stage of her life as a circus, “where I was the ring leader, under my tent there will be order.”

Much of Majxsty’s music is inspired by the Bible. She likes to “look at the world for what it is, and for what the Bible says it will be.” Her desire is to use the Scriptures to minister to others through her music.

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