Are You Ready?!

There is an wicked agenda to depopulate the entire world. The wicked know that their time is short, and that The Most High YAHUAH’S righteous judgment will destroy them as HE pours HIS judgment onto wicked people/ wicked governments/ demons/fallen angels. They are doomed and will be destroyed, at YAHUAH’S appointed time and they want you to be destroyed with them. Wake up!!! open your eyes!!! repent!!! and start walking according to YAHUAH’S laws, statutes, and commandments, so that if it be The Most High YAHUAH’S will, you and (your family that keeps His Commandments) will be covered and protected in this murderous season. We are in a season of death and destruction. Can you see it? Are you ready? It’s time to CRY OUT to the MOST HIGH YAHUAH. We are out of time.

Much Love Majxsty

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