Get off the bandwagon children of God! All lives should matter to all people. Children/people all over the world are dying, being abused and murdered. No one race has the market cornered on the evils that are sweeping the world. Every life is precious to God and should be precious to us. Stop reducing these tragedies/murders to senseless slogans, statistics, political statements that cause division. The Lord will hold you accountable. God is not pleased! There is a demonic agenda being played out and we are playing right into the hands of the enemy, we must understand that we help these demonic agendas unfold when we jump on all these demonic bandwagons. The spirits of manipulation, confusion, death, and destruction is at work, don’t allow these demons access to you, don’t allow them to control your emotions, speech, your action and reactions which is what happens when we jump on these bandwagons that sway with the wind. We are called to put on the whole armor of God so that we can withstand in these evil days having done all to stand Ephesians 6:13 we are not to react the way this fallen world is reacting. Stop it! And do something in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to prevent another wicked act against people and children no matter their race! Stop it! And help provide for and be an advocate for the children/people that are suffering and can’t cry out for help. Just stop it!!! And do what the Lord has called you to do! Get off this demonic bandwagon and get on the straight and narrow, Pray! Expose wickedness for what it is, shine a light on the oppression, murders, and injustices that are taking place here and around the world. Understand, this is a demonic agenda, It’s not (black people) vs (white people) vs ( any other race of people for that matter), It’s not (poor people) vs (rich people) It’s not (west) vs (east) or whatever other trivial or demonic agenda designed to divide, conquer, and eliminate, IT IS…   (The children of God) vs (the children of the devil) it is the (human race) vs the (nephilim) it is (God’s warriors) vs (demonic forces) we should be battling spiritual wickedness in high places and not each other. These demons are using bigotry, racism, fear and every vile tactic at their disposal to eliminate ALL OF US! It doesn’t matter what color, nationality, or religion you are. If you are/have been engaging in racism, murder, bigotry, oppression, injustices or any other ungodly act, know that you are being used by these demons to do their dirty work and once you have done these evil acts for them you, yourself will become their victim, they will kill you!!! Killing you while you are doing or after you have done their work and still under their control will ensure you won’t have time to repent which means you will spend your eternity in the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his followers. Enslave and eliminate has been the plan of the enemy all along. The enemy lies, kills, steal and destroys. The devil and all the rest of the fallen angels know their future and are trying to take as many down with them as they can. This is spiritual warfare!!! Do the will of our Father in Heaven in these final days. We must gather with God now while we still have breath! Luke 11:23 KJV and Mathew 12:30 KJV He who does not collect with the Father scatters! You do not want to stand before the Father accused of scattering His people because you want to make a statement. DO YOUR JOB SAINTS!!!! DO WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED TO DO!!!

Much Love Majxsty




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