Closing Businesses+Massive Job Losses= Struggling Families

Businesses Closing, Job loss

There is judgement upon the land of America. This nation will fall! We’ve already fallen spiritually, we’ve already fallen morally, now we will fall economically, ultimately this nation will be brought to ruin… laid waste!!! People will be struggling to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. Sadly the world prepares better for parties, sports, clubbing, concerts and all types of other useless events that cannot and will not save you in the time of trouble, but when they are told to prepare for the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, when they are told to prepare by gathering extra food, water, nonperishables and medical supplies it falls on deaf ears. Well here we go anyways… GET PREPARED!!! Just as the Lord gave warning to Pharaoh in a dream, He gave the meaning/interpretation of the dream to Joseph in Genesis 41. The Lord made it clear there would be 7 years of plenty, but then what would follow would be 7 years of famine well my friends… we have had more than 7 years of plenty, we were once a blessed and mighty nation, but we have turned away from God!!! Now we will experience God’s judgement. Woe to those who turn a blind eye to what God is revealing and close up their ears to what God is saying! Woe to those who continue to seek after their own lusts and desires instead of seeking after the things of God. Woe to those who store up their treasures here on earth thinking their money, cars, homes and clothes, will comfort them in the time of trouble. Woe to those who put good for evil and evil for good!!! This is a warning!!! THIS NATION WILL FALL! Give your life to Christ now!!! Live your life for God, live a life pleasing to God while you still have breath. Call on Him while He is near!

 Much Love Majxsty


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