Dark Days Ahead

In these final hours of life we must plead the precious blood of the Lamb of God over our lives, our family’s lives, and the whole body of Christ! We are fast approaching very dark days in this world. There is an increase targeting of the ministers of the Gospel/Christians. The spirit of death is going throughout the body of Christ. Death threats are being sent and carried out against ministers of the gospel/the body of Christ/Christians throughout the world. We must recognize and rebuke these demons and ask the Holy Spirit to give us the strength to stand firm against evil in these dark days. We here in the U.S. are about to enter tribulation… I repeat we are entering tribulation! We are entering the time spoken of in Mathew 24, Daniel 7, and Revelation 6-7 .We will not be raptured out of this world before tribulation. It is time to plead the blood of Jesus! It’s time to ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you for this severe time of testing that for many of us will result in death. Make sure that when you depart from this world you will go into eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ and not into damnation/ the fiery pit of hell reserved for the devil and his angels/followers. There will be a great falling away. This falling away will not be from those who are not followers of Christ. This falling away will be those who currently or once was a follower of Christ, but when the rapture don’t happen before the trials/tribulation/persecution starts these Christians will lose hope, and become offended and angry with God and fall away. Don’t lose hope! The Lord has not forsaken us. We must understand that what was written in times past is for our learning. What was spoken in the word of God must come to pass. We are the last generation. We are in the last days. Dark days are fast approaching! We are entering tribulation. Put on the whole armor of God ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide you, and be prepared in the mighty name of Jesus!



Much Love Majxsty


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