Dreams of the coming collapse




I have had many  dreams and visions from a small child till now. Over the years I have shared some of the dreams and visions the Lord has given me through my writings, posts, and music, I just never titled it as dreams or visions. Now I’m sharing the dreams of others that closely resemble what the Lord has shown me. These dreams are not figments of our imagination. They are warnings from the Most High God!!! The Lord has chosen to show me as well as many others the things that are to come to pass so that we can pass on His warnings to everyone. I pray you understand that the Lord loves you so much that He has chosen to send out His watchmen to warn that the end is near. I pray you understand that before the end we must and will go through and suffer many things, some of us will die in this time of testing. I pray you understand that it is better to die in the Lord where you will receive eternal life with Him than to die separate from Him receiving hellfire as your final destination read Revelations 2:10, Revelations 13:14, Revelations 21:8 and James 1:12. Hold on to your faith. Do not fall away, ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you. HOLD ON!!! Our Lord and Savior is coming back! It is time we get our lives right with The Most High! Get to know Him so that you will know peace in the midst of chaos. We are running out of time!!!

Much Love Majxsty

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