Music Message Mondays- Psalm 105:2 KJV Sing unto Him, sing psalms unto Him: talk ye of all His wondrous works

Daud Aur Yahudy – Joy of Yahuah – (Lyric Video)

 “When problems arise in your life

Seems like there’s nothing going right

Know that it’s working for your good

Lift your hands up to the sky

Remember why YAHUSHA died

And put your trust in HIM

And let HIS joy take flight

One day at a time taking back what’s rightfully mine

One step at a time walking and doing my dance at the same time

Can’t dance snap your fingers like this

Know that the joy of YAH  is your strength”

To view more from this artist click on… Daud Aur Yahudy

Much Love Majxsty

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