These are just a few words that describe Majxsty’s music and message. “My ministry is about trying to get people to learn and understand the Scriptures for themselves, and to not take the word of anybody as the Gospel truth, including myself.” Her second album Come Closer does just that.

The album Come Closer, which was released in 2008, unleashes Majxsty’s intense passion for YAHUAH. Songs like Free, Difference, and I Never Knew challenge listeners to evaluate their lives and simply live for God. Her album has been described as “Inspiring” and “Explosive” by some of her fans.

The Come Closer album title came to Majxsty through deep prayer and fasting. She was in the middle of praying about her life’s struggles when she heard The Most High YAH say ”Come closer”. Although it took her several years to heed His call, she finally did and committed herself to the ministry. Due to her steadfast faithfulness and undying dedication to The Most High Yah, He granted her the lyrics for her album.

Throughout the years, Majxsty continued to seek after the Most High and learn through study and much prayer. The Most High opened her eyes in order to be able to understand who He is, and who she is in Him while understanding who she was created to be. The Most High Yah awakened Majxsty, and this awakening brought forward the album called Rise The Transition which was released in 2018. This began Majxsty’s journey into the truth.

Majxsty’s Music Message Ministry is inspired by the Scriptures in the Bible. She likes to “look at the world for what it is, and for what YAH’s word says it will be.” Her desire is to use the Scriptures in order to minister to others through her gift of song. All praises to The Most High YAH!