Parents, please listen to your children when they tell you they are being bullied, please understand this is not your average event that all go through as a “rite of passage,” please stop chalking it up as “kids will be kids,” please understand that these children face a very real battle with forces that you, yourself may not be ready or able to face. If they are not telling you that there is a problem at school but you see a change in behavior it may be because they have already made up in their mind that nothing would be done about it. And since they have to face these spirits day in and day out, they may have decided to just deal as best they can and not make matters any worse. Please understand that these spirits will kill them. Help them, PLEASE HELP THEM! Pray for them, talk to them and if necessary remove them from the dangers they face, spiritual battles are real! Spiritual attacks are real! And many young and old are unprepared to deal with them, but closing our eyes or burying our heads in the sand won’t stop the attack nor make it go away. PLEASE HELP THEM!!!

Bullied to Death in America’s Schools

Bullied Teen Commits Suicide and Leaves Note To Family: ‘I Tried To Tell You Something Bad Would Happen’


Girl, 15, commits suicide after friends share nude Snapchat video taken without permission

Much Love Majxsty

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