With so much going on in this world, I find myself standing in need of prayer. I know people pray for me all the time, as I pray everyday, for everything and everyone, but I stand in need of a specific prayer. I NEED PEACE!!!, I know the Lord is my strength, and He does give me a sound mind, and comfort my spirit, but at this moment I find myself shaken, my spirit is troubled. I have by no means lost faith as I know all things are in God’s control  and what will be, will be. I know the Lord has a plan for all things even if we haven’t seen the blueprints. Only He knows how all this will end, but I can’t help having a moment of weakness, and this is my moment. We are currently facing deploymentfor those who don’t know what that means, deployment is when an active duty soldier has to go to war, yes I am married to a soldier, He is a true blessing, he’s my soul mate, and my very best friend. I know the Lord has His hand upon my husband’s life and that he is under His protection as my husband has fought in several wars for many years without complaint, and I have stood and will continue to stand with him through whatever comes our way, but we need peace, we are war weary, he’s TIRED!!! The Lord will not and has not put on us more than what we can handle and we’re greatful for that, but as with so many other soldiers and family members there comes a time when enough is enough it’s time to lay down the guns and pick up some conversations we need peace. Have we lost faith? again I say ABSOLUTELY NOT. My husband as with all other members of our military are courageous defenders of our country, but we need peace. Please pray for our military and our military families.


Much Love Majxsty

2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Rana says:

    Hey girl! Just checking in on you. Looks like you wrote this about a month ago, don’t know if there have been any changes, but know that I will be praying for you and your family!

  2. majxsty says:

    Hey girl, thanks for checking in on me, all is well, God is good, my husband did deploy for 1 year, but he is on his way home, I’m writing my follow up album, and the Lord has given us peace to get through this year, so again I say GOD IS GOOD!!!!:) thank you for your prayers

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