Majxsty Review

“For those of you who think gospel music has gone too far”…welcome Majxsty. Majxsty serves up cold, hard truth and helps offer the much needed redemption for artists who truly have a heart for God and his people. Pray, Majxsty’s fourth release, is a lyrical sermon beckoning God’s people to pray, repent, and turn back to Him. The militant introduction, Answering the Call, summons all Christians to be in attendance-not play church. Pray, the CD’s namesake, empowers and encourages listeners to examine their faith because “Jesus Christ is our only hope”. The Devil is a Liar is the unfathomable truth about satan and his wrecking crew. She paints an upclose picture of satan working his destruction in our lives and in the church:

Deceptions easy when it’s coming from within the church, not keeping watch and staying in this world will get you hurt, they wanna see you on your back and rolling in a hearse, they wanna see you cursed, body covered with dirt”

Wow, The Devil Is A Liar sounds like an anthem to me! She goes to school on Would You Know and Four Horsemen Ride, so get out your bible, class is in session. Repent forewarns all to do just that, turn away from all ungodliness. I Will Destroy is a gentle, yet exact description of the fate of one who chooses not to turn away from sin. Reign of the Lord’s Anointed, I view, is a fight song filled with power and enthusiasm, rallying for the return of Christ. The outro, Answer the Call, is an alter call to you, God’s beloved. Majxsty makes a final plea of salvation for the lost and “saved” who continue to straddle the fence.  She goes all in on Answer the Call as she intimately shares her testimony, admitting the mistakes she’s made ,like  running from God. She urges listeners not to walk in her shoes, professing God has already paved the way for you….so what says you?
I say Majxsty’s music is a blessing. It is refreshing during a time when “The Gospel” is being stripped from gospel music. She has a powerful voice-no belly rubbing, sugar-coated, or watered down gospel. She shows empathy and a sincere concern for the spiritual well being of others. She delivers a full meal of sound (a lil something to bump to), relativity (testimony), and lyrical content (truth). Though, I do advise you to always seek God’s infinite knowledge, wisdom, & His discretion. In Majxsty’s words, “Don’t believe every spirit, but test the spirit to see if they are from God….whose word do you receive-you decide.”
God is calling, will you answer?


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