The Nation Will Fall

                                     The Nation Will Fall

Ebola is in the land! Be careful of the food and drinks you purchase. Be prayerful every time you dine out, take out, or are prepared at home. Pray without ceasing. We have suicide ebola martyrs that are willing to get infected with ebola and spread it to as many people as possible through restaurants, grocery stores, malls etc. This is not a drill! This is not a fear mongering tactic! There is a sword upon this land. There is judgement upon this land. Judgement is upon the land of America because we have turned away from God. We have chosen to walk on the path of wickedness as a nation. We have chosen to kick God out of our schools, out of our government, out of our hearts, out of our homes and out of our nation. When a nation has chosen to turn away from God that nation will soon fall!!! There is judgement upon this land! This nation will soon fall. The Lord by His mercy and grace has chosen to send bible believing Christians to sound the alarm! to spread His message, to warn the nations of the world. A sword is coming! A sword is coming! The nation will fall! There will be bloodshed upon bloodshed in the streets! Turn to Christ! Plead the blood of Jesus upon your home, your family, your lives while there is still time! REPENT!!!! Turn away from wickedness! Repent!!! Turn away from all unrighteousness!!!! Choose ye this day who you will serve for the time is at hand.

p.s. God knows the wheat from the tares. Wheat put on the full armor of God as we prepare to go through tribulation. Our Lord and Savior will be with us during this time of severe testing, don’t fear or be in dread of them for it’s the Lord your God who goes with you. I pray you understand we will not be raptured out before the tribulation. We will go through the tribulation! Prepare! Saturate yourself and your family with the word of God. Read Psalm 91 Be prepared! in Jesus mighty name!

Much Love Majxsty

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