Think Thursdays- Mind and spirit care Philippians 4:6

6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto YAHUAH.

What spirit are you operating in today? Is it the Holy Spirit or an anxious/worrying spirit?

We are living in a fallen world that has been given over into the hands of the wicked.

The wicked is using what little time they have left to destabilize and keep everyone in a constant state of panic, fear and confusion.

Instead of panicking, pray… Pray that YAHUAH gives you peace that surpasses all understanding in this chaotic time.  

Instead of fear, have faith… faith that the peace, provisions, and protection, that you ask YAHUAH to give you in the mighty name of YAHUSHA, will be granted unto you and your loved ones.

Praise YAHUAH!!! Be Thankful for all He has done to sustain you and your loved ones in this chaotic time.

Walk righteously as YAHUSHA did. Talk to YAHUAH, through prayer and supplication. He will hear your cries and deliver you from your troubles.

Link to read the whole script…Philippians 4 KJV

Much Love Majxsty

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