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Black Owned Business

Uncle Jammy’s Sauces

Uncle Jammy’s Sauces – The Story of how it all started

Uncle Jammy’s Sauces is the machination of guy who has the linear skills of a roomba14 years in the making (In several kitchens). Those early kitchens saw the brand start off as The Smokey City’s 412 BBQ andNobody starts out making wing sauce small, batch, all-natural, preservative free Sauce, seasoning and dry rub company and now has become more. The Sauces have been spun off into the Uncle Jammy’s Sauces and the Catering and Live Food has become 412 BBQ and we are bringing up the level of creativity in the industry push beyond those limits. The company as a whole has unique formulations and a relationship building approach and and commitment to a high level of versatility give the customer a complete experience. We ensure your culinary experience is set free when you use our marvelously peculiar all-around products. Our products formulations enhance all dishes including fish, beef, poultry and veggies our sauces, seasonings and rubs will make even the most basic cook look like a Pitmaster.

Much Love Majxsty

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