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Dr. Walker

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Dr. Walker    

Dr. Walker was born, in Kingston Jamaica and went to live with his grandmother in Chester Castle, Jamaica until around age 10. Shortly thereafter, he left Jamaica and moved to Hartford, CT to live with his parents. He has always been interested in natural health even as a child, watching his grandmother healing dozens of people with only natural herbal supplements. He feels that he owes so much to her that he started a medical charity in her honor;

Just after high school, he enlisted in the United States Air Force, all the while having his sites on becoming a physician. He attended both Auburn university and Troy State University and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude). He subsequently was accepted in Officer Training School after his acceptance into medical school.

A family man, with 2 young daughters, and to make ends meet, he worked part-time (and sometimes fulltime) at a local hospital while in medical school, until his 4th year when rotations made it almost impossible to continue working and attending school. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2004. He continued in the Air Force in internal medicine taking care of patients in the ICU, and on the wards. He continued to serve the united states military in general medicine performing a gamut of routine physical exams, operating sick call, and performing minor surgical procedures. He was subsequently selected as the chief of Aerospace Medicine until he was later selected for a 4-year residency program in Radiology. After passing national examination in physics, written and oral boards for radiology he was then a board-certified physician by the American Board of radiology. He finally retired as an Air Force military officer, Lieutenant colonel, with more than 27 years of active military service. After retiring from the military in 2016, he moved to Virginia where he is currently Chief of Radiology Services.

He continues to visit Jamaica twice annually since 2012 where he is able to provide natural and holistic approaches to medicine. Many patients in Jamaica are unable to pay the full costs of medications as controlled by big Pharma, hence his natural remedies are well sought after. He gets the opportunity here to focused on discussing their diet and encouraging them to be more physically active, which lends to improvements in their overall wellbeing.

Dr. Walker and his wife, Colleen, are well-known for their advocacy for children and families. In 2019, Dr. Walker and his wife established the Christiana Gordon Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization offering medical and educational benefits for disadvantaged children and families. He is the supremely proud father to 2 daughters, both graduate from The Duke University.

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