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What is a Torpedopot™

Game Changer!

Torpedopot™ is a containerized self-growing gardening system with a built-in fully automated pressurized plumbing system that waters your plants for you. The internal plumbing valves distribute water and nutrients to your plants to create an incredible fungal environment that plants love. It requires very little human intervention. 

Just add soil, seeds, or seedlings, turn on the self-growing planter, and walk away. Each plant in the planter receives equal nutrition. The system is attached to a household spigot and watered with a timer. The timer will turn the water on and off when your plants need it. You can water and feed thousands of plants from one spigot. The Self-growing garden system is hermetically sealed to prevent leaking and contamination. From germination to harvest, your plant’s lifecycle can be managed in a Torpedopot™. The planter is a modular system that scales with your operations. The system can be networked to produce more food than your local farm.
Water and nutrients released in the Torpedopot™ mimic how water is delivered when it rains but without the runoff and nutrient depletion. Water is carried through the Torpedopot™ and released in a way that does not disturb the soil matrix. Unlike drip irrigation, Torpedopot™ delivers water directly to the plant’s root system. It is over 98% efficient. Torpedopot™ inline watering system allows water to rinse the plant’s roots so that they can quickly absorb water without drowning. Every plant receives an equal amount of water and equal access to nutrients. 

Torpedopot is a hydroponic hybrid growing system. At any point in the plants lifecycle you can flood the growing chamber and switch over from a substrate diet to a liquid nutrient formula. Torpedopot will grow your plants and germinate your seeds in any environment where the plant can derive nutrition. 

When you turn the knob on the planters to release water or increase the timers’ watering schedules, your plants grow faster. You control your plant’s flavor, color, texture, height, density, fullness, and much more. Your Torpedopot is a hotel for plants in which you own the utilities. You manage their environment. Your plants will live longer and experience their full lifecycle. In return for a stay at your hotel, your plants will provide continual beauty, nutritionally dense, high-quality food for your family. Torpedopot uses the microbes in the soil to grow your food. We produced high-quality, unadulterated food because we grow it in a Sustainable Biotic Environment (SBE).  

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