Trust Tuesday Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that YAHUAH is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Trust The Most High YAHUAH to provide.

Black Owned Business

Dennis Delemar

Founder at Wokepics , Founder at Greenwood Film Festival and Writer/Director at Zayan Studios


Dennis ‘Yahuchasad’ Delemar is a southern man born and raised in New Bern, North Carolina. From 1997 to 2004, Dennis faced extreme physical and mental abuse from his father. Pushed to the brinks of suicide or murder, his good friend brought him a little green journal for him to write his thoughts down. Dennis’s pen not only helped him to escape the pain, but his journal entries turned into poetry; and poetry turned into many spoken word performances, scripts, and forgiveness for his father.

Years later, Dennis began pursuing a professional football career until March 10, 2008, when a powerful experience at the CSU’s cafeteria changed his life forever. Dennis received a prophetic message from Elohim through a complete stranger who expressed that there were great things to come; so, Dennis decided to quit football and charter the unknown in faith.

He has since produced numerous film projects that touch on topics such as mental warfare, the Black American experience, and religious deception. Delemar is also an Israelite, who believes in Yahusha The Messiah, the only begotten Son.

Land of Wonder
| A Visual Testimony
By: Dennis ‘Yahuchasad’ Delemar
Much Love Majxsty

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