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Black Owned Business

Kank’s Store


I started Kank’s Store hairline products 4 years ago at a time where I was still obsessed with curly hair. To be honest with you, I big chopped and went from relaxed to natural hair only because I wanted to have curly hair and I wanted to have a specific type of curls.

Back then, the only way for me to achieve the look I wanted was to use gels, but I was not happy because they would leave my hair dry, and crunchy. I started wondering if I could not find a cream that does the same job but leaves your hair soft and gives you bouncy curls. Since I could not find the right product, I started to investigate if I could not make my own cream and came up with the idea of making my curly cream with flaxseeds. I finally got the curls that I wanted and totally lost my obsession with curly hair, on contrary I started embracing my AFRO and I became really proud of combing my hair to have a big AFRO. Kank’s Store has been a journey that has allowed me to grow and to love myself. I shifted from being obsessed with curly hair to being obsessed with HEALTHY HAIR. I developed two other lines of products that aim to hydrate and soften your hair.

I truly believe that there are no such things as good or bad hair. If you are not happy with your hair right now, it is probably because the routine that you have does not work for your hair type, density, or porosity. You should never blame your hair but always blame the products (even if it is Kank’s Store).

I am Cynthia Kankeu, I am from Cameroon, I am a mother, an entrepreneur, and a scientist who is passionate about hair even if I had my PhD in Cardiovascular Sciences. I am the face behind Kank’s Store and I started manufacturing our products in my kitchen. The products are handmade, they contain only ONE preservative and we are so proud to say that they are mainly made of natural ingredients and contain very few synthetic ones (ranging from 3 to 7 depending on the type of products). Our products are designed according to your hair porosity and last but not least we take a lot of LOVE and PASSION manufacturing them for you.

As a scientist, my vision is to never stop researching the best ingredients and the best formulation that will help us satisfy ALL HAIR TYPE.

P.S: you are beautiful just the way you are. If we do not embrace our own hair, who will?

Much Love Majxsty

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