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Black Owned Business

Kalaya’s Jewels To Healing,

About Us

My profound love for holistic health & wellness  stemmed from a horrific car accident when I was only 24 years of age. This car accident led me to a broken neck(C3-C5) that resulted in getting two neck operations, prolong physical and occupational therapy. I can remember the many days and nights that I was in pain and the way I no longer had control over my body due to the medications.  After 10 months of recovering, I begin to witness how certain foods were having an impact on my mind and body; specifically weight gain and the cognitive area. I begin to research vegan lifestyle and herbalism. After becoming intrigued on the dramatic changes it did for my mind and body, I just had to share my experience, knowledge, and skill set because I was truly living a HEALthier and better life.  I had much clarity; my mind was at a peaceful state and my energy level had increased due to my weight loss. In addition to the herbal and plant based diet side, being a melanated woman of 3 precious children, I begin to hear stories about the health disparities melanated women face when birthing children. Sadly, some melanated women do not return home after childbirth; death occurs during this process. Evidence based shows that melanated women don’t have access to doula services as other nations of women. We lack the education and support we need to care for our families as well as caring for ourselves. 

I coach, support, educate, and serve all communuities in the field of holistic health and wellness. We also provide C.H.O.S.E.N.Doula Services to expecting moms; specifically/tailored to melanated women. We strive to help our nation of people become a HEALthier version of themselves in the areas of healing that consist of but not limited: alkaline veganism, herbalism, health & wellness coaching, birth educator(labor& postpartum doula, breastfeeding and lactation support, and newborn care).  We provide nutritional consultations, 1:1 virtual health & wellness coaching,  and numerous homemade alkaline herbal products. Healing with a purpose all while using my energy to help others CREATE, GROW, & HEAL!!

Much Love Majxsty

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