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The Southern V!

Team Hancock

Self-taught and naturally creative, Tiffany is the “unseen force” within The Southern V. She prepares all the dishes and desserts for the eatery. She is known as “the special ingredient.”

Favorite Quote:

I have many and they change as I find new ones in different times in my life, but my current favorite from an unknown source is:
“no one is you and that is your power.”

Favorite Food on the menu:

Pretty much everything!  We don’t add anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves.  I’d have to say the BBQ Jackfruit Nachos loaded up with sriracha is my favorite.

Three things you love to do:
1.Spend time with my husband and girls.

2.Sleep! This was a close #1 answer 🙂

3.Relaxing at the beach.

Three things people don’t know about you:

1.I’m double jointed and can literally jump rope with my arms!

2.I’m a licensed cosmetologist.

3.Design + decor take me to a happy place!

A lover of accounting and all things business, Clifton is on top of how The Southern V operates. He is the “seen force” as you will normally see him interacting with customers. His business sense has brought the eatery to new levels with maintaining budgets and elevating his management skills to make sure the job gets done.  

Favorite Quote:

“I don’t sugar coat anything, I’m not willy wonka.”

Favorite Food on the menu:

Our Chick’ Biscuit with mushroom gravy on top!

Three things you love to do:
1.Be with my Hancock ladies

2.Do nothing

3.Watch movies

Three things people don’t know about you:

1.I’m a licensed Speech Language Pathologist

2.I’m the last of a dying breed–a native Nashvillian

3.Dallas Cowboys forever

frequently asked questions

Is everything vegan/plant-based?

Yes! All of the products we use and create are of the highest quality and free of animal products and their by-products.

Do you accept call-in/phone orders?

No. You can order in-person or online here.. 

Do you offer gluten-free items?

Yes, we do have gluten free items on our menu which are identified with a GF symbol. 

Do you allow outside food and beverages?

We do not allow for any outside food or beverages. Because we are a vegan establishment, we want ensure that our environment remains as such. We are proud to provide a wonderful selection of beverages to quench your thirst!

Do you provide catering?

We are not accepting catering orders at this time

Do you donate/sponsor?

We are excited to be able support where we can! Please keep in mind we are a small-business and only accept requests from the following groups: schools/youth-oriented groups/community-focused groups/  environmental + sustainability groups. All groups must be located in Nashville + 15 mile radius of the city. We require at least a 30 day notice on these requests. Click here to send a request.

Do you deliver?

Delivery orders are performed by a third party, and The Southern V is not liable for the arrived condition of the customer’s order. Security tape is applied to all orders to prevent tampering. Please review the delivery terms and policies prior to placing your order.

Are there any other locations?

Not at this time. We closed our Fisk Street location in Dec 2017, but future locations may just be in the works! *wink, wink*

Much Love Majxsty

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