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Black Owned Business

Koils by Nature

Meet Pamela J. Booker

Blending the essence of beauty with the purest of nature is the motto and mission of Koils by Nature the brand, and its founder and CEO, Pamela J. Booker. A striking beauty standing at nearly 6ft tall, her presence itself is a potent blend of boldness, strength, and power. Hers is a story that is a compelling mix of enterprise and resiliency – characteristics that have made her and her brand the successes they have become.

Hailing from Beaufort, South Carolina, Pamela is the most genuine of southern girls, full of charm and curiosity. Always on a quest for knowledge, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Strayer University and led a career as a network engineer for the United States government before starting her own business. She’s also a proud veteran of the U.S. Army, a decision that fed her desire to learn new things, travel, and seek adventure.

Aside from learning, health and fitness are two of Pamela’s most favorite things. In search of different ways to live a healthier lifestyle, she made the decision to embrace her natural hair in 2007, well before “going natural” grew in popularity among the masses. With a lifelong appreciation of all natural foods and body products, she found herself discouraged by the lack of products on the market that would help her natural hair thrive. Turning discouragement into action, she decided to make her own products. Pamela set out to create something that was all natural and affordable. With the debut of Koils by Nature in 2009, that dream was finally realized.

The pride of Koils by Nature and the driving force behind the brand is Pamela’s commitment to quality. Her products are certified vegan, cruelty free, infused with organic essential oils, and handmade with the finest of ingredients. Sold by retailers nationwide and internationally, Koils by Nature make all natural hair care products accessible to people and families of all hair types and textures.

The face of the brand, Pamela has been featured in or on The Examiner,,, CentricTV, the Huffington Post, and In 2016, she was named one of Upscale Magazine’s “Women to Watch,” and is recognized as a respected leader in the natural hair industry.

A true servant leader at heart, Mrs. Booker also desires to use the success of her business endeavors to strengthen her community and support causes that are important to her. She co-created a platform on Periscope called Black Biz Scope, as an effort to recycle dollars in the Black community. She also donates a portion of KBN proceeds to charitable organizations such as The Red Pump Project, the Lupus Foundation of America, and the Zuri Works, to name a few.

Pamela J. Booker is a dynamic woman who effortlessly blends together simple things and makes them extraordinary. In addition to being a powerhouse businesswoman, she’s also a loving wife and mother, currently residing in Atlanta, GA.

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