Welcome to the WONI Market Place. Have A Business? We Have Room For You

Black Owned Business

The WONI Market Place is an exclusive Internet marketing platform where Hebrew Israelites can buy and sell products and services.

Are you an artist, author, have a business, product, skill or service? We have room for you.

Do you sing and have albums or singles available?

Do you sing and enjoy singing on other artist’s project?

Have you written a book? movie script, other forms of media?

Do you supply clothing or accessories?

Do you have education, training in specific areas?

Bags, Clothes $ Accessories
Bibles, Books & Literature
Business & Financial Services
Computer Software & Applications
Dolls, Gifts & Novelties
Education & Training
Emergency, Preparedness & Survival
Food, Herbs & Produce
Music & Media
Personal Care & Beauty Products
Travel, Event & Vacation Services

Woni will promote your Hebrew business to the Hebrew community.

WONI Advertising

Download the WONI ADVERTISING PDF here.


WONI Music Playlist
Much Love Majxsty

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