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Wake up! Keep Watch!!! series

Why is it becoming a crime to help homeless people? Why is it becoming a crime to help the poor? The Lord has laid it on my heart at a very young age to give, to help, to show love and compassion to everyone especially to the ones less fortunate than me. I chose to continue to obey what the Lord has laid on my heart to do. What’s going on in this world when showing love, compassion and a willingness to help someone in need can land you in legal trouble or worse. Look around you, there is so much evil, people’s hearts have waxed cold, there is very little love, where is the concern? Where is the reverence for all things Holy and for doing what’s right in the eyes of God? You will soon see that those who don’t pledge their allegiance to the New World Order which is about to be in full swing really soon will all be homeless and hiding/poor/ in concentration camps, very soon. The flip side is if you choose to pledge your allegiance to the New World Order, you’re STILL going to DIE and be worse off than those of us that choose to live FOR CHRIST while on this earth so we can go on to live WITH CHRIST for all eternity. We may end up homeless, suffering, refusing the mark of the beast, beheaded/killed for our faith but we will live again in the glorious kingdom with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You on the other hand if you pledge your allegiance to the new world order receive the mark of the devil in hopes of saving your life and or the lives of your family you will STILL lose your life,  and you will have damned your soul to eternal damnation. The Lord has allowed me to see some of what’s going to happen in these end times through dreams and visions and trust me if you’re not covered by the blood of Jesus, if you haven’t given all that you have and all that you are over to Jesus you will not be able to stand in the evil days that are rapidly coming upon this land, you will wish for death, you will beg for death, you will seek death because of the fear and terror that will be set before your eyes. What you’re seeing now with the rounding up of homeless people, random people missing, distress of nations, unrest brewing here in the U.S. there is an attempt by the new world order/wickedness in high places to use everything from racial tension, to class division, to viruses, to blue laws that will soon be implemented and much much more to divide the people and conquer, think about it if we are at each other throats fighting one another(over race, class and foolishness) if we are busy ignoring the vulnerable among us (the poor, elderly, and children) if we are too busy making sure we get ahead and stay ahead (loving money and material things over God) we won’t be able to see the schemes of the real enemy (we are not each other’s enemy. The dragon that has been cast down with great wrath and his demons/deceitful workers are the enemy) this is divide and conquer, this is spiritual warfare my friends. This so called cleaning up the streets and relocating the homeless is one of the schemes of the enemy it’s starting out subtle under the banner of helping and cleaning up the streets, but this sinister plan along with other evil plans are of the devil and designed to eliminate people/depopulate the world and especially rid the world of all followers of Christ. I know this post may seem like I’m all over the place, but it all ties in together. We ought to do what’s right in the eyes of God rather than the eyes of man. Now it’s time you ask yourself if you and your family were ever in a struggling or homeless situation wouldn’t you pray that someone would stretch out a helping hand? Deuteronomy 15:11 (KJV) tells us for the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land. Wake up!  And Watch very closely the very next person that may end up homeless, on the streets, and poor could be you and your family. The very next individual/family to disappear may be you and your family. Wake up! Pray and do the will of God in these last days. Wickedness is running rampant.



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